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As of: 03/24/2023, 4:15pm

Last Trade [tick] 50.4400[+]   Volume 19,796
Net Change 0.0100   52 Week High 50.6100 on 03/15/2023
Net Change % 0.0198%   52 Week Low 49.9000 on 03/08/2023
Bid 50.0100  Ex. Dividend Date
Bid Size 1   Dividend Pay Date
Ask 55.0000   Dividend Rate
Ask Size 1   P/E Ratio N/A
Bid Exchange Direct Edge Holdings - EDGX (CTA)   Yield 4.533%
Ask Exchange Direct Edge Holdings - EDGX (CTA)   Split Factor 0.00
Last Trade Exchange NASDAQ-NMS   EPS 0.0000
Open 50.3300   Currency USD
Day High 50.4801   Primary Exchange NASDAQ-NMS
Day Low 50.3300  
Stock Research (OBIL)
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Prev Close Price 50.4400  
Prev Close Date 03/24/2023  
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