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As of: 05/30/2023, 8:00am

NAV 1.00   7-Day Yield 5.205%
Net Change   0.00   Previous NAV 1.00
Net Change %   0.00%   Offer Price (POP) 1.00
Fund Number   Liquid Assets (Daily) N/A
Net Shareholder Flows (Daily) N/A   Liquid Assets (Daily) Date N/A
Net Shareholder Flows (Daily) Date N/A   Liquid Assets (Weekly) N/A
  Liquid Assets (Weekly) Date N/A
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Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Yield will vary.

You may lose money by investing in a money market fund. Not all money market funds operate the same way and depending on the fund, you may be subject to certain operating policies and risks not applicable to other money market funds. Please click on "research" for risks specific to that fund.

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